Old Pugs

April 11, 2017 Susan

This is Brahma of the bug eyes. He is 13 years old. He weighs about 12 pounds and has diminishing hindquarters. At his best agility weight, he was 16 pounds. A vet once told me that just like people, some dogs just get geriatric before others. Buddha is 14 and while he definitely looks stiffer than he was in

his youth, he is still pretty flexible.

Here’s a shot of Brahma:

Black pug with spinal degeneration

A black and white of my poor Brahma.

I don’t take many photos of his full body since his back end has gotten so small. I do not think this is just geriatric… I think he has some kind of spinal degeneration or atrophy. He seems to have lost the feeling in his hindquarters. Also Brahma is much more wizened than Buddha.

Black pug in snow in black and white

Buddha is 14 and looks younger than Brahma

Brahma folds himself up now in the most contorted way:

Black pug with spinal atrophy

He folds himself up.

It’s like he folds himself in half, like he’s made up of two different dogs. Maybe we should change his name to Quasimodo.


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