Photos Montague, MA

Every summer, late in June, there is a one-weekend Mutton + Mead Festival in the town of Montague, MA. Don and I have gone every year since 2012 — well, we missed 2013 when I booked shows with a friend at Jacob’s Pillow for that entire weekend.

I always take most of my photos during the Joust performance. The Joust at Mutton + Mead is the best Joust around. We have been to a few other Renaissance Style Festivals and I can say with some authority that Mutton + Mead beats them all.

This year’s festival is June 24 and 25, rain or shine.

In 2012, the first year we attended this, when we were leaving for the day, near the entrance gate, a guy saw my camera and asked if I’d gotten some good shots. He was also a photographer. We talked for a minute or two, and then he asked where we came from. When we told him Berkshire County, he said, “Wow, thanks for coming to our town!”

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