Mutton + Mead in Montague

Susan/ April 6, 2017

Every summer, late in June, there is a one-weekend Mutton + Mead Festival in the town of Montague, MA. Don and I have gone every year since 2012 — well, we missed 2013 when I booked shows with a friend at Jacob’s Pillow for that entire weekend. I always take most of my photos during the Joust performance. The Joust

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Magic Wings

Susan/ February 6, 2017

I try to make an annual pilgrimage to Magic Wings in South Deerfield. Because it’s not just butterflies. There are reptiles! There are gigantic roaches! There are crazy toxic colored frogs! And, there is PORKCHOP! Oh Porkchop… I asked a year or so ago if I could buy him or take him home. “Oh, well, he’s getting old and mean,”

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Photos from the Way Back Machine

Susan/ January 5, 2016

My geographic region is filled with non-profit organizations. In fact, Berkshire County has the largest concentration of non-profit organizations in the country, if not the world. I spent 10 years in this sector, mostly doing marketing work for three different non-profits over that period. I have lots of photos from those 10 years, because as the marketing person, I wanted

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James Kupernik + Christine Lyon

Susan/ October 4, 2015

We went to Lake Placid for Jamie and Christine’s amazing wedding weekend in late September. They were married at White Face Lodge and most of the wedding guests booked rooms at the Lodge. We, however, did not, because of course, we never go anywhere without our beloved little pugs.  We stayed instead at this great place called the Go Cottage. It was

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My Familiar

Susan/ September 27, 2015

When I worked at Habitat every year or so we’d have occasion to go to Atlanta. That’s where Habitat is headquartered. Every time I went to Atlanta I would visit the Atlanta Aquarium. It’s definitely a family kind of outing, but I most often went by myself and just lost myself in the crowds. I got my favorite shot from

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How to get what you want when you are married

Susan/ June 30, 2012

I know what Don is thinking after he reads my title. But this is not the story he thinks, though it is, it is not, it is, it is not, wait, no it’s not… well, I just think it’s funny, but when I tell this story, or any part of it, (out loud, to friends or family, he cringes. He

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Susan/ October 24, 2005

It has been exactly one week without coffee. The last coffee I had was on Monday, October 17. I’m still getting caffeine though, from the nineteen cups of green tea I drink each day—okay, there I go again, really it amounts to about four big mugs. I realize I have not really had much water in the last week—perhaps that

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